Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mobile CB Radio
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 Well I am thinking about installing a new mobile cb radio in my gmc sierra pick up truck. The problem is which cb radio should I choose. There are basically two choices first to make. These would be do I want just a AM 40 channel radio or do I want to include single sideband (ssb). I do have a nice texas ranger ssb base at home. I don't think anyone besides me will be talking on it. In the future I would like to add a Ham Radio in the truck since I have my General Ham Radio License. Oh what a dilemma I have on my hands.
 The next part of the equation is how much money is in the budget. This will definitely determine which cb radios I choose from. I have always had a preference for the cobra 148gtl ssb radio, but I have taken a fancy to some of the uniden cb radios. I also like the galaxy cb radios, but they seem to be a little too expensive. I have seen some 40 channel radios that are very small in size, but do have some excellent reviews on amazon. There just are so many excellent cb radios to choose from.
 The other choices I have to make are how am I going to mount my cb radio antenna. I could go with a magnet mount on top of the pick up truck. Then again I have seen some mounts for the bed rail that are doing very well in the ratings. I have always had a fear that the magnet mount will mess up the paint. I think it may be the bed rail mount for me.
 Okay and finally what cb radio antenna should I choose. Maybe a nice K40 CB Antenna. I won't have to buy one as I do have some at my house. I have my fiberglass 102 inch whip, trucker cb antenna and some k40 fiberglass antennas that have always done a nice job and were easy to adjust the swr. I think I may just go with a bigger k40 cb antenna and see how it goes. If I change my mind I can easily unscrew it from the mount. If I have the money in the future and change my mind about a magnet mount I may go for a k40 or wilson cb antenna. They have always been good in the past and do an excellent job. I also like the fact that I can remove the antenna with a twist and put it inside the truck for safe keeping.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Best CB Radio

Okay many people always ask what is the best cb radio. Well I have had quite a few cb radios over the years. There are a couple of brands that I am partial too. I tend to prefer the Cobra and the President radios. I still have my cobra 135 that I have had since I was 18 years old. It still works even though the channel selector is not functioning as it should. Maybe one day I will buy a used one for parts and replace the channel selector. The president radio I had way back when was a mobile radio and it did an excellent job.
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  Now my main 11 meter cb radio in my ham shack is a Texas Ranger Base and it does a nice job. I also have a used cobra 142gtl that I picked up at a garage sale and it works pretty good. I have found that at far a base radios go they tend to be few and far between. It seems as though if you want a base you can choose the Galaxy Base, which is really nice. What I do see is that mobile cb radios are much more popular. I have a feeling it's because the cb radio is just not as popular as it was back in the 1970s and 1980s. Ah yes those were the good old days with smokey and the bandit.
  What I would suggest is that you either buy a nice used cb radio from ebay or buy a nice new mobile and set it up as a base station. There are some fixtures out there where this can be done by buying a nice power supply to go with it. I would make sure to have a good swr meter and a power desk microphone. If you are looking for a nice radio or equipment click here. Well those are just the choices we seem to have, so it's best to work with what you have. Hey set up a nice antenna tower and add a nice beam antenna. That way you can do some real talking.
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

There are 3 Ham Radio Licenses You Will Need To Transmit Legally In Ham Radio

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 No you don't need a CB Radio License to transmit on the 11 meter band. If you are thinking of adding Ham Radio to your CB Radio Hobby, then you will need the proper license according to the FCC to be able to transmit legally. Yes as far as CB Radio goes I needed my license way back in the late 70s.
 You can buy a Ham Radio and listen without a ham radio license. If however you want to transmit on a given band or frequency you will need the proper ham radio license. There are many websites on the internet where you can download study material or download a program to study from. I myself had some older books and also used the material off the internet to do my studying. My honest advise is to purchase the books and the cd program for your computer. If you can go to one of the ham radio classes in your area I would advise that also.
 There are 3 Ham Radio Licenses that you will need to transmit on various bands. I will list them below.
  1. The Technician 
  2. The General
  3. The Extra
 You may find that most Hams only go up to the General License as it provides the opportunity to transmit on most of the high frequency bands such as the 20 meter, 40 meter, 80 meter and 160 meter bands. There are portions that you can not transmit on only if you have the Extra Ham License. I myself have the Technician and the General Licenses. I am thinking about spending the time and going for the Extra Ham Radio License.
 Never try to transmit on any Ham Radio Band without a the proper license. If you do and get caught you could face a nasty fine from the FCC. Si it is best to get the license and enjoy the Ham Radio Hobby. You will be amazed at what a simple basic ham radio and a wire dipole antenna can do. Below are some places at Amazon where you can purchase the proper study material.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Computer In Your CB Shack

 Most likely you have a desktop or laptop computer in your CB Shack. If your like me we all suffer from defective failing hardware to one of the many viruses out there. Yes most of us end up taking the computer into a repair shop and it ends up costing us hundreds of dollars. Well there are a few things you can do to repair the computer yourself.
 One item that comes in handy is the 1 Click Fix It Utility. I have read that this tends to work very well. It contains utilities to clean infections from your computer, recover data and other helpful programs. There are also free utilities out there on the internet such as Hirens and Win 8pe. These are iso files that can be burned to a dvd disc or a usb flash drive. You can test hardware, run scans for infections as well as many other features. They are well worth it for being free and I use them on a daily basis as I am a computer technician.

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 Below is some more helpful information on the 1 click fix it tool, check it out.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Small Size Beam Antennas


 Yes there are some beam antennas for the cb radio that perform really well. One that comes to mind is the pdl II quad beam antenna. I had one up on a 40 foot tower back in the late 70s and early 80s when I lived at home. That antenna performed very well indeed. I talked all over the local area back then and did make alot of long distance contacts up on single sideband. If you come across one today it's well worth it.
 Now there are plenty of other beam antennas to choose from that don't take up too much room. I would recommend to check out EBAY for some awesome deals on CB Radio Beam Antennas.  The three element and four element beams were not too big and worked very well. The beam antennas started to get too big for my area when I looked at the Moonraker series of cb antennas. That does not mean that I did not like them. I had a friend with one up on a 50 foot tower and that thing was awesome.
 Today when I search through the ham radio catalogs I see three main brands for beam antennas in the 11 meter or cb band. They tend to be Maco, Sirio and JoGunn, I am sure there are others out there. You may find some through ebay and they may be from another country.

CB Radio Beam Antennas

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