Saturday, June 28, 2014

CB Radio Base Stations

  I have been in CB Radio since I was 16 years old. I do have my General Ham Radio License, but I still enjoy the CB Radio. My CB Radio starting out was a 40 channel mobile radio, radio shack power supply and a magnet mount radio. I also had a half wave vertical antenna wall mounted on a pipe that went up the side of the house. As time went on and I worked my part time job I bought a 23 channel ssb cobra 135 base that was modified for 40 channels. I also had a 5/8 wave antenna on the roof and a 40 foot tower with a PDL II beam antenna mounted on it. I remember talking late at night to people quite a ways from where I lived. I remember the first time I made a contact to a fellow CB radio operator in northern Italy. I did acquire various types of equipment such as a PDC 600 meter for reading swr, modulation and power. I did try other antennas along the way. One of them was the popular starduster vertical antenna as well as the super big stick antenna. I still have my cobra 135 ssb radio and some meters as well as other equipment from years ago.
  Today I use a Texas Ranger TR 696F-SSB base radio that works extremely well. I am running an Imax 2000 vertical antenna and it does a very good job. The price of the radio was not cheap, but not too expensive. I still use my various power microphones that I have had for a long time. Yes I have my Silver Eagle Power Microphone, D104 Power Microphone and my Turner Super Sidekick Power Microphone. They all still work just as they did years ago when I was younger. My advise to anyone is start out with CB Radio and work your way up to Ham Radio. I am definitely one of those people that respect the CB Radio and anyone using it. When I started out I had to have a CB Radio License and that indicates how long I have been on the radio.
  In this blog I plan to talk about some old radios that can be bought on the internet through ebay or amazon. I would just check out the sellers for any bad reviews before buying anything from the internet. I have heard a lot of horror stories where someone bought something that was defective and could not return it or paid for something and never got it. So always play it safe. That leads me to another topic and that is safety. Always be aware of your surroundings and check for power lines. I have heard of people being killed by doing something without think first. Finally just have fun meeting people through the CB Radio and maybe join a club.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI. 

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