Thursday, July 24, 2014

How About Building A 11 Meter Moxon Antenna For CB Radio Band

  I am building a Moxon antenna for the 17 meter band for Ham Radio. I figured why not design a Moxon antenna for the CB Radio Band. I prefer to try and use some crappie fishing poles. You can purchase these fiberglass poles at a pretty cheap price. They generally are around 16 feet long and telescope. That way you can remove the sections from the narrower end that you do not need. In my design I am using a heavy duty plastic cutting board that I bought from Target. It was not too expensive and is big enough to hold the crappie fiberglass poles with U-Clamps. There are quite a few different crappie fishing poles to choose from and they come in different telescoping lengths. If you like you could cut some grey uv pvc conduit to go over the pole to protect it from the U-Clamp. Do not tighten the U-Clamps too tight, just so they are snug. This be the X type pattern on the cutting board.
  If you are thinking of building a Moxon antenna for the cb radio or if you are a Ham Radio Operator you can check out his link for a lot of useful information. Here is the link . This was one of the websites on the internet where I found good useful information and good ideas. There are also quite a few good Moxon antenna calculators on the internet to design a Moxon antenna for a given band and frequency. The one I use is called Moxgen, because it gives all the dimensions and it is very easy to use.
Here is a picture of the Moxgen Calculator
    You can use the Moxgen Moxon calculator and print out your design with EZNEC antenna building program. The Moxon antenna is basically a two element beam antenna. Here is a link to the EZNEC program where you can download a demo version free. The demo version gives plenty of design for quite a few elements. Here is a link to the program .

11x17 inch Cutting Board Made of high-density polyethylene

16 Foot Wonderpole for spreaders
  You can buy antenna wire from ebay or one of the Ham Radio dealers on the internet. My favorite places to buy Ham related supplies are DX Engineering , Universal Radio and Ham Radio Outlet. My advise is to buy the antenna wire because it will hold up in the weather. You use 14 awg wire, but I don't know how well it will hold up in certain weather conditions. Click on the link for Antenna Wire. Basically the designing of the support for the antenna and the antenna design itself is all up to you. Other parts such as the u-clamps can be bought locally at lowes or home depot or you can buy the off the internet through ebay or amazon.
  Thank You for reading and have fun building from Dan KC2YTI.

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