Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How About A Nice Beam Antenna For Your CB Base Station

  Everybody always wants to talk as far as you can. Station to Station in line of sight communication is limited to about 10 to 30 miles on average for base to base communications. If you are communicating from a mobile radio in a car to a base station then you are at about maybe 5 to 10 miles. By using the beam antenna you may get some further distance, but remember there may be a lot of obstacles in the way that may interfere with your signal. The only other way of reaching a further distance is by shooting some dx communication. In other words the signal will go up to the ionosphere layer of air at a certain angle and then bounce back down at that certain angle. Just remember by the rules of the FCC you are limited to talk to someone at a distance of 155.3 Miles away. My advise is if you want to talk longer distances get into Ham radio. That is what I did and I love it. Here is a link to the website with all the rules from the FCC .

§95.413   (CB Rule 13) What communications are prohibited?

(a) You must not use a CB station—
(1) In connection with any activity which is against federal, state or local law;
(2) To transmit obscence, indecent or profane words, language or meaning;
(3) To interfere intentionally with the communications of another CB station;
(4) To transmit one-way communications, except for emergency communications, traveler assistance, brief tests (radio checks), or voice paging;
(5) To advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services;
(6) To transmit music, whistling, sound effects or any material to amuse or entertain;
(7) To transmit any sound effect solely to attract attention;
(8) To transmit the word “MAYDAY” or any other international distress signal, except when your station is located in a ship, aircraft or other vehicle which is threatened by grave and imminent danger and your are requesting immediate assistance;
(9) To communicate with, or attempt to communicate with, any CB station more than 250 kilometers (155.3 miles) away

  Now the best way to do this legally and stay within the distance limit is by using a beam antenna. The CB Radio Beam Antenna is a directional antenna that must be turned by antenna rotor. Although I have known some ingenious people that turned the mast by hand, which can be a tough job and may have to be the Hulk or the Big Show on WWE to turn it. One fellow did rig up what looked like a bicycle crank and a long bicycle chain and gears to actually turn the antenna. He did this from inside his house, requiring holes in the walls. I do not think my wife would appreciate me doing that.
  Okay back to the beam antenna. There many different types of beam antennas. You basically have two to eight elements or more. Some beam antennas are quite large and require a very good support system such as a antenna tower. When I was younger I did not have a lot of space, so I bought a 40 foot tower and made it so it could tilt over on the roof. I then installed a two element PDL II beam antenna on it with a good antenna rotor. This was not a huge beam antenna, but it did a good job. Just remember the more elements, the larger the antenna and the more the multiplication factor you will have. Some large beam antennas can be 40 foot long and have a 50X multiplication factor. In other words it will multiply your 4 watt input 50x to equal about 200 watts output on the AM frequencies. On sideband which is about 12 watts it seems like 600 watts. If you have the room and the money I say go for it.
  Just remember no matter what you decide to put up always look out for electrical wires. Metal that come in contact with the power lines equals certain disaster and can lead to death. I have read many horror stories  where someone was badly burned or was killed. I have even had my share of bad experiences. So you just always have to be aware of your surroundings and think of what can go wrong. Just remember Murphy s Law, if it can go wrong it will go wrong.
  Well that's all for now so Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.   

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