Monday, July 14, 2014

Mobile CB Radios Are Still Going Strong

You don't see too many CB Radio Base Station being made these days, but mobile CB Radios are still being made. One option is to use the mobile radio as your base station. If you are looking for a mobile cb radio for your vehicle you will have quite a few choices. Some of the radios are fairly simple with a volume, squelch, channel selector and maybe an rf gain control. If you want something with more gadgets then you will want a cb radio with the added features of an swr meter, noise blanker, anl noise limiter, anf limiter as well as rf gain and other features. These are usually the cb radios with the single sideband capability. I have noticed that a lot of radios these days have the weather channel feature. All cb radios should have the channel 9 switch for emergencies.

  • Large, easy-to-read meter with scales for power output, modulation, SWR and incoming signal
  • Five-digit frequency counter with large yellow digits , two-digit channel display with larger yellow digits, variable power output control, variable talkback circuit with on/off switch
  • Automatic SWR circuit and an SWR alert LED, Roger Beep with on/off switch
  • Variable dimmer control with push switch to turn off the meter lamp and display digits, 3-position tone switch for receive
  • Proprietary Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) Circuit reduces noise to aid in the recovery of weak SSB signals
    Some of the best brands I have seen are the Galaxy, Cobra, Uniden and Connex as well as Midland. The Cobra and Midland CB Radios have been around for quite a few years. I remember them from back in the 70s when CB Radio was really popular. I myself have always liked the Cobra CB Radios. I especially like the Cobra 148 GTL SSB Radio. It has all the different features I like in a radio. They have been around a long time and so deserve it. As far as a little newer radio I like the Galaxy CB Radios. They have some other features that I find attractive. I like the SWR Meter that they have in the radio. The meter is a good size and makes it easier to read. Some of the models also come with a frequency counter. That way if you are on sideband you can adjust the clarifier so you will know when you are on frequency. I have also been looking at some of the Uniden CB Radios. They have some features that make them up to today's standards in modern technology.
  • 40 AM Channel and 80 SSB Channels
  • 4 Watts AM, 12 Watts Power SSB is the maximum allowed by law
  • SWR Antenna Calibration for maximum performance
  • 3 Position Tone Control allows fine tuning of audio levels
  • 9 Foot Microphone Cord to easily reach any area within the vehicle
  Yes the CB Radio can be a very fun experience for young children as well as older folks. It can be the first step into the world of communication. It can lead a person into the world of Ham radio. My advise for anyone is to respect the Radio, FCC and all your fellow Radio Operators. The CB Radio can be an awesome help in an emergency situation. When I was young you had to have a CB Radio License , but that was done away with quite a few years ago. I do believe it should be similar to the way Ham Radio is as far a taking a simple course free of charge to earn your license. A lot of Ham Radio Operators do not like the CB Radio due to the kayos that seems to be out there. Yes there is a blatant carelessness of following the rules. Some people are using way above the amount of power that is allowed. I feel that this should be changed by the FCC to allow at least 100 Watts AM and Maybe 250 Watts Sideband, but that is just my feeling.
 Well I would just like to say Thank You For Reading and Have a Nice Day from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

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