Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some Ideas On Mounting Your Base CB Antenna

  Sometimes it can be a difficult choice as to where to mount your CB Base Antenna. If your living at home your parents may not want you to put holes in the roof to mount a tripod. If you can is the roof strong enough to hold a good deal of weight. When I first started out I had a long piece of fence railing wall mounted up the side of my mothers house with a half wave antenna mounted on it. Later on I advanced to a star duster antenna and wanted to put it up higher. I mounted it on a longer pipe wall mounted to the garage and had a bunch of guy wires. I would let it over with a boat winch. Unfortunately the wire was too soft, stretched and the antenna came crashing to the roof. My next antenna was a full 5/8 wave antenna by stinger. I used a 5 foot tripod on the house roof with was pretty flat. I sealed everything and never had a problem, but that was a big antenna.
  Later on I bought a PDL II Beam Antenna and mounted that on a 40 foot Antenna Tower in the back yard. It was cemented and was able to tilt over on to the roof. I also had it wall mounted to the garage. There were also plenty of guy wires as well. The best part was tipping to lay on the roof for repairs. We tied a heavy duty rope to the tower and to the bumper of my friends car. Fortunately we lived behind the school field. so my friend drove his car out there and slowly backed up to lower it and then forward to raise it. I did eventually change to a big stick antenna in place of the 5/8 wave antenna.
  Well where I live in my own house I do not have a big backyard. I wall mounted a metal push up mast to the back of my shed at about 19 feet tall. I have my IMAX 2000 mounted to it, so the tip of the antenna is at 43 feet. I am getting some good distance out of it. From time to time I wish I had not sold the 40 foot tower. Oh well we all make decisions in life,but it is better to just move forward.
  So there you have it for mounting antenna ideas. You can wall mount a push up mast. There are some of those that are 50 foot tall. Just make sure you have the space and be aware of your surroundings. No one needs to be electrocuted. The other option is mounting on some kind of a tower installation. One other method is if you have a good size chimney you can mount an antenna on that with special straps. There is also the 3 foot or 5 foot tripod on the roof with guy wires. There are also some heavy duty tripod like towers by glenn martin. My advise it to look at your property, weigh in all the choices, check your budget and make your final decision. Always be safe.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI. 

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