Saturday, July 19, 2014

What Is Your Favorite Mobile CB Antenna

  I have had quite a few different Mobile CB Antennas over the years. When I had my Chevy S10 Pickup with the light bar on top I had two four foot K40 Fiberglass Antennas. They did a really good job and they seemed to tune the swr really easy. You would just slide the tuning sleeve up or down until you had the lowest swr reading. It seemed to transmit very well to the front and very well toward the back of the truck. I always loved that set up. Needless to say I had to sell the truck and always missed it.
  One of my other favorite Mobile CB Antennas was the K40 Steel whip Antenna. I loved it because I could easily twist the bottom and remove the antenna when at home or the store. It was very easy to tune the antenna and achieve a very low swr reading. I knew other people that ran some power years ago into them and never had a problem. Just to get it straight I do not approve of running illegal power. I always stayed with the 4 watts am and 12 watts on ssb. I never had any problem with my signal getting out. I had that antenna mounted on the trunk lid of my 1970 Nova and then on the corner of my 1979 Chevy Monza years ago. It was awesome with my President mobile radio as well as others I owned way back when.
  One of the other antennas I used to use were some Radio Shack magnet mount antennas. The magnet mount made it very easy to move the antenna around the vehicle. This way I could experiment with different locations to determine where I had the lowest swr reading. I could also determine where I had the best transmit and receive. I did find that when the antenna was mounted on the trunk lid I did get more distance ahead of me. That was my goal back then, because I could find out what was happening ahead of me.
  I had other friends that were using the Wilson antennas. In some ways they were similar to the k40 steel whip antennas. I know that all the reviews I have read have all had good things to say about them. I think that the next antenna I buy will be a Wilson cb antenna. I am going to need a big enough vehicle so I have room to mount my Ham Radio antenna on as well. I did experiment a few times when I had the pick up truck with a 102 inch fiberglass whip antenna. It did a nice job, but I just preferred the k40 antenna. I have also tried a few different antennas that I bought from some local cd radio stores a long time ago. One of them was a very short antenna that just was not impressive. I also had one of the mirror mount trucker antennas that I had on light bar on the truck as well as some other vehicles. It was not bad either and the swr reading was always low.
  Finally all I can say is that as far as cb antennas go I will most likely stay with either the K40 Antenna or go with one of the Wilson Antennas.
  I would just like to say Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.    

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