Saturday, August 9, 2014

Antenna Analyzers For Building Antennas And Troubleshooting Your Set Up

  If you are thinking of building an antenna for your cb radio base station I would recommend buying a SWR Antenna Analyzer . It can be an extremely helpful tool for building antennas. Generally it is used in the Ham Radio environment, but will work for the 27 MHz cb radio band. You can test, troubleshoot and adjust your antenna without a connection to the radio. This is not a solution for tuning the swr of your base station radio and antenna or your mobile radio and antenna on your vehicle. For that you will still need to use your swr meter and the proper tuning method from the manufacturer.
  •  MFJ 259C (New Model)
  • * Instantly read SWR and Antenna Impedance from Any Antenna!
  • * No Transmitter or Radio hookup needed, Built-in Frequecy Counter!
  • * 2 Line LCD Display! Dial in your Freq & it displays the SWR instantly!
  • * Great for Amateur Ham Radio Antennas, CB, Two Way & other uses From 0.53-230Mhz!
  • * New MFJ-259C with HF / VHF / 220 Frequencies, Replaces older MFJ-259B model!

The SWR Analyzer has quite a few different functions. Obviously it can be used to test the swr of the cb radio antenna itself. You can read the exact frequency of your antenna as well as the complex impedance. If you suspect your coax cable of having a short or open you will be able to measure the distance to the problem. It basically is a complete ham radio test station with frequency counter, RF signal generator, SWR/Resistance/Reactance/Coax Analyzer, Capacitance/Inductance Meter and with other features as well.
  • Commercial Grade SWR/Impedance Analyzer
  • Range: 1.8 - 500MHz (including 222MHz band)
  • Check antenna installations in seconds
  • Determine SWR and resonance of an antenna instantly

 I have used my MFJ 259b antenna a few times when I was designing a dipole antenna for my ham radio shack. I am presently using it in the designing and building of a 6 meter quad antenna and a moxon antenna for the 17 meter band. The nice thing is that these types of antennas as well as others can be designed for the 27 MHz CB Radio band. There is nothing like building your own antenna and having someone tell you it sounds really good. These are the types of things that may lead you in a certain career path.
  As far as brands go I like the MFJ brands even though some individuals shrug their shoulders at them. The newest model like mine is the MFJ 259C Antenna Analyzer . Another brand that I like is the comet brand. They make a nice antenna analyzer model CAA-500 . Here is a link to their webpage with information on it  . RigExpert also makes a very nice antenna analyzer as well. My advise is to buy one of the antenna analyzers through the internet at one of the dealers, amazon or ebay. No matter which way you go make sure to check out any reviews on the seller. If you are looking for reviews on the various antenna analyzers check out There is an abundance of valuable information from fellow Hams that have owned, used or own one of these.
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