Sunday, August 17, 2014

Plastic Storage Containers To Keep Your CB Radio Accessories In

  Do you need a place to keep all your CB Radio tools and accessories in. I would recommend using some kind of a Plastic Storage Container. If it is for electronic components keep the integrated circuit chip in a esd foam or in an esd static bag to protect the component from static electricity. I know I have collected more tools and equipment over the years for my CB Radio Hobby. There were time when I did not know where to put them. When I was younger I kept some things in old metal toolboxes or any kind of box I might have come across. I also used my dresser drawers to keep things in. When I got further into Electronics I did find a metal storage container with 25 little plastic drawers. This came in very handy for holding the small components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and many other parts and components. I never knew when I was going to have to fix anything. I also had all my noise generators that made lots of different sounds.
  Today things are a little bit different. There are all kinds of different PLASTIC STORAGE CONTAINERS  in a wide variety of different sizes. Some are in a three drawer style that have wheels on the bottom. I my self have a couple of those. I use them to keep some old swr meters, wire, cable, switches and other items I have hung on to for years since I was 18 years old. They do have plastic wheels on them so you can move them easier if you have to. My only advise is do not put too heavy of items in them, because they get difficult to move and the plastic is not that strong. I ended up taking the wheels off and keep them in one place.
  There are also many different storage bins with different size drawers in them. This comes in very handy to keep your assorted screws, washers, nuts and bolts in. I keep these kinds of things in for my antenna building projects. I also have my dremel tool in a drawer. I keep all my various coaxial cable connectors such as the common pl259 connectors in these plastic bins. My storage bin has 30 small drawers and 9 larger bins. It comes in very handy for storing all my things or as some will call it junk. That's okay because I know my kids will build up their own junk as their life's go on. So I just sit back and grin, because what goes around comes around and it does.
  There are many different manufacturers of the various plastic storage containers. There are many different PLASTIC STORAGE TOOLBOXES  to choose from. They can handle small tools as well as larger tools. Some have wheels and handles to make it easy for transportation. Some of the popular ones are Tupperware and Rubbermaid. There are small storage containers with and without drawers. There are even large storage containers the size of a shed. So whether you want to store Dacron Guy Rope, small antennas, meters or other CB Radio Equipment you will have a wide variety of choices to choose from. You do have quite a few different places to look for these items. You can go to your local stores such as Target and Walmart where they do a good choices. I myself have found that there is a much wider selection going through Amazon or Ebay. Just be sure to check out the seller for any good or bad reviews.
  Well that's all for now so Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI  73s.  

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