Friday, August 1, 2014

Power Supplies For Using Your Mobile CB Radio As A Base Station

  Since these days we do not see very many new base radios for the cb radio band it may be a good idea to use the mobile cb radio as your base station. If you are going to go this route then I would suggest using a good power supply. Power supplies come in many different makes and models. They also vary in the amount of voltage and current they can supply. I myself in my ham shack run a diamond gzv4000 that can supply 40 amps of continuous power. It has quite a few different connectors and can power more than one device. I also have a kenwood kps-15 that can power my kenwood  ts-2000 ham radio. I generally use it as a back up supply in case something goes wrong with the diamond power supply.
  There are quite a few different manufactures to choose from. Some of them are Alinco, Diamond, Kenwood, Icom, Pyramid, Jetstream, Aston, Daiwa, Samlex and MFJ as well as a few others. Each one of them does a very good job. Some power supplies will have one meter or two meters for reading the voltage and current. They also will vary in the connectors on both the front and rear of the power supply. They may have the binding post or Anderson Power connectors. Some of the power supplies may even have a cigarette type of connector that will generally see in your automobile.
  Power supplies will usually come in two different styles. The first is the Linear Power Supply . These are generally a heavy type of supply due to having a large transformer in them. For example the MFJ 4035V has a 19.2 pound transformer in it. Generally the linear type of power supply is noise free. This may be due to them being around for may years. So if you like to lift weight and have a good strong bench to sit it on go with the Linear Power Supply. The two manufacturers I can think of are MFJ, which I already mentioned and Jetstream makes a Linear Power Supply. Both of them have good reviews and do a good job.
  The second type of power supply is called the Switching Power Supply . There are quite a few more switching powers supplies available on the internet these days. My best advise is to search amazon or ebay and check out any reviews of the seller before buying. I would suggest checking out reviews on the website. There is a multitude of excellent information and many different pieces of ham radio equipment. Now the nice object of switching power supply is the size and weight of the power supply. Due to this type of power supply being built of solid state components the power supply is generally small in size and very light. Both of my power supplies are very light and do not take up much room on my ham radio bench. I have an old small radio shack power supply that weighs more than the diamond and kenwood power supplies. The switching power supplies are about 80% to 90% efficient, which gives a good advantage of saving energy. The price of this type of power supply has also come down in the past few years as well. I would definitely recommend using a switching power supply unless for some reason you need the linear power supply.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.     

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