Saturday, September 13, 2014

Get Yourself A Nice Big Old CB Radio Base Station

CB Base Station

   I still love those big old CB Radio Base Stations. I think I liked them because they were big, bulky and had lots of knobs to fiddle with. My favorites were the Cobra Bases and the President Washington Bases. I had the Cobra 135 that was converted to 40 channels. In fact I still have that radio and it still works. The only problem is that the channel selector is wearing out from years of use. I have been thinking about finding another cobra 135 with a good channel selector and maybe other problems. I have also been thinking about maybe designing some other kind of channel selector. I will have to put my Electronics background to use.

  I still go on Ebay and look at the different CB Radio Bases that people have for sale. Sometimes the pictures take me back to my youth sitting up late at night and talking with friends. I always wanted one of the President CB Radio Bases, but never managed to get one. One of these days when I have some pennies saved up I will buy one off Ebay. I have to admit they do have some pretty good prices. The only thing you have to watch out for is who is selling the radio. Sometimes you may be able to see and reviews on the seller. That way you can determine if it's a good risk or not. If it is a radio that is not working it could be a good project to work on.
  Of course President and Cobra were not the only brands of CB Radio Bases out there. There are plenty of brands that were very good. Some had some pretty good features on them. Some even had the capability to be connected in your automobile. Although I don't think I would have put a big Base in my small Monza Chevy at the time. I could see more of putting one of them in your mobile camper. Some of the radios had an external speaker with them. I think the President Dwight D and the Cobra 2000 had that external speaker feature. Some of the radios had the built in swr meter. Another one of my favorites was the DAK X SSB Base. It had lots of meters and that high technology look.

CB Radio Beam Antennas

CB Video Bar