Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whats Your Favorite Power Microphone

  Back in the day there were a few names of Desktop Power Microphones  that were fairly popular. When talking with fellow CB Radio Operators I would always hear the names Sure, D104, Astatic and Turner. Of course there were other brands of power microphones out there, but these seemed to be the most popular. Everybody wanted a Power Microphone so they could get through all the garbage and noise on the band. There was always somebody out there just causing trouble and making noise. So the best way was to have more power legally to cut through the mess. Yes there were those running the illegal power from what I remember. I figured if I could tune the antenna properly and adjust the microphone properly I could get through the mess.
  What I found was keeping the SWR tuned properly my friends could always hear me. I would also adjust the D104 Power Microphone just so it was running at 100% modulation. If you run it too far you will splatter over on the other channels and then have someone complaining. Yes they would have every right to complain as long as it did not get into a fight. I do remember some individuals that would just not stop causing trouble. One day a truck driver tied a rope to the antenna on the roof to pull it down. Unfortunately the coax cable hung on to the radio and pulled it right through the window sending it crashing it to the ground. Needless to say he was never on the radio again.

  Usually with the D104 Microphone you had to adjust the modulation with a small set screw in the bottom of the microphone. I did come across a nice little ad on to the base of the microphone. It screwed on to the bottom of the microphone and had a wheel that you turned with your finger to adjust the modulation. I still have it to this day on the D104 microphone. I can not remember where it came from because it was too long ago. I bet they are still out there some where.
  My other favorite Power Microphones  that I own are the Silver Eagle and the Turner Super Sidekick. The Silver Eagle was another power microphone made by Astatic. It had the side grip to key the microphone as well as the press bar to key the microphone. It became my favorite over the D104 and it connected to my Texas Ranger TR696F Base Radio to this day. I always keep an eye on it with my three meter PDC600 power meter, swr meter and modulation meter. I used to always have the Turner Super Sidekick connected to my Cobra 23 Channel SSB radio that was upgraded to 40 channels. The Turner Super Sidekick is more of a desktop looking power microphone.
  I also had a K40 noise cancelling power microphone for my mobile radio. It always seemed to do a nice job. I remember friends that had mobile D104 Power Microphones. I always wanted one, but never seemed to get it. If you check out some of the dealers on the internet such as GI Joe's  Radio Electronics you can see some of the newer power microphones as well as others. If you like the Power Microphones I mentioned I would check out Ebay. You usually can find some microphones used that are in good shape. You may find some on Amazon as well, mostly mobile microphones with desktop microphones as well. Some of these microphones may work pretty good on Ham Radio, but may need some changes and adjustments to the circuitry.
  Well that's all for now so Thank You for reading.  

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