Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bearcat Makes Some Nice Scanner Radios For Your CB and Ham Shack


 From back in my CB Radio days back in the late 70s to the middle 80s it was the STORM TROOPER KBBY3210.

I was looking over the different scanner radios out there and the Bearcat Base/Mobile Scanner Radios are not doing bad at all. Since Christmas is only a few weeks away you better get one on your Christmas list today. I was looking at Ebay and Amazon and the ratings are very good. My advise is if you go with a scanner I would have an outside antenna. The small telescoping antennas

that come with it work okay if your location is on the second floor. Otherwise I would buy one of the outside scanner antennas. You can easily find an outside antenna scanner at Amazon, Ebay, Radio Shack and any of the Ham Radio Dealers on the internet such as Universal Radio. Now if you do not want to purchase an outside scanner antenna why no build one. There are plenty of websites on the internet that have instructions on how to build one.
  I am building an outside scanner antenna for my scanner in my CB and Ham Shack. It is just a piece of heavy gauge copper wire that fits into a female pl259 connector, which is soldered. I am mounting that inside some grey pvc electrical conduit. My coax cable will connect to the pl259 connector and I will hang it off my mast on the roof that my dipole antenna is on. Of course there are many different designs of scanner antennas out there on the internet. A simple dipole antenna cut to the proper length will give some good results.
 Okay back to the Bearcat Scanner Radios. You do have some different choices when buying a scanner. You have the larger base scanners, table top scanners and hand held type scanners. They all have different features and functions such as memory banks. You also have a variety of prices when it comes to cost. There are some Scanner Radios that are very expensive such as the Uniden BCD536HP Digital Phase 2 Base/Mobile Radio. So you do have quite a few different choices for whatever your preferences are. I would either consider either buying from the used category with Ebay or Buy in the new category with Amazon. Also with Ebay you can also find new scanner radios as well. If you prefer you can also go with any of the good Ham Radio websites such as Universal Radio, Ham radio Outlet and AES Electronics.
  Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays.  

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