Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Get That CB Radio Beam Antenna and Base For Christmas

 Have you decided what you want for Christmas. Well Christmas is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to get that CB Radio Base and that CB Radio Beam Antenna. Yes if you are looking for a good base radio new or used I would suggest going through Ebay. The same goes for a Beam Antenna. There are lots of good deals, just check out the seller before buying. As far as a beam antenna goes make sure you have the room. The PDL II Antennas are not huge, but do a nice job. I used to run one years ago and it did an excellent job. As far as a base radio goes the Cobra Bases and the President Bases were always nice.

Just Check out the ads below for CB Radios at Amazon and Below that for Ebay.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How About A Nice Mobile Microphone For Your Mobile CB Radio

 I remember using a nice power microphone with my mobile cb radio. It was a noise canceling k40 microphone with a magnet on the back of it. It always seemed to work okay and people heard me. I can remember friends with the nice shiny D104 handheld microphone. The only issue with a power microphone in the car was that it tended to pick up alot of noise. I believe that may have been the reason why they came out with the noise canceling microphone. But you know everybody wanted that power to bust through all the people on the cb radio band.
 Today you can find quite a few mobile power microphones through Amazon. They all seem pretty popular and have some decent reviews. The other way to go aside from new would be the used power microphones at Ebay. Just make sure to read the reviews on the product and the seller before buying.

If you are interested here is a link Mobile CB Radio Microphones

Friday, November 6, 2015

What Do You Hear On CB Radio These Days

 When I was 18 years old back in the late 70s CB Radio was pretty busy. During the daytime you had all the skip pouring in and you could hardly hear anything else. When it came to the evening the skip would die out and then there were various cb radio operators scattered throughout the 11 meter band. I generally would scan through the bands listening for friends. I would all of the sudden hit the local channel and I would end up in conversations throughout the night. One of my favorite times were when it was quiet and I would hear someone a long distance away. I would call out break break channel and they would let me get in there. I was amazed at how someone that far away would hear me.
 Today it's somewhat the same and at the same time very different. I think it's because all those people I heard back then have moved on in their lives. They went to college or got married and moved away. Then there were others that were older than me and became silent keys. There were even others that left the cb radio 11 meter band and moved into ham radio. It's like going for a ride in your old neighborhood. People grew up and moved away. Even the neighborhood looks different. Trees got bigger and everything else got smaller. I guess it's the normal way of change.
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cobra, Washington, President, Royce Are Some Good CB Radio Base Stations

 If you look for any new CB Radio Bases your choices are limited. They just don't make them like they used to. If you like those old CB Radios then I would check out Ebay for some awesome deals. You will find some that are older than others, but they still do an excellent job. Yes you do have limitations on how much power or watts you can run and you do only have the 40 channels with upper and lower side-band beside the AM Channels. Oh yes you also have the limited distance you can transmit according to the FCC. Should that stop you from having fun and learning about radio transmitting. I say no way ,it's a good start into the radio hobby and maybe it will lead you into the Ham Radio Hobby.
 So if you want to have some fun buy a good used CB Radio from Ebay.
If you are thinking or looking for a good CB Radio click this link CB Radio Base Transceivers

Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Time To Build A Nice Base Antenna

 Well the weather is getting cooler now since we are in Fall. Now is the time to get outside on those nice Fall Days and build a antenna for your CB Shack. It can be a Vertical Antenna or a Nice Beam Antenna. As far as a Vertical Antenna goes it can be made from Aluminum or maybe a Vertical Wire Antenna. Vertical Wire Antennas can be supported from a tall tree . The other choice would be to use some PVC Pipe and run the wire up through it. Remember you will need some guy ropes to support it. I myself prefer the Grey Electrical Conduit Pipe because it is UV Protected. I would also laying down some ground wires for the ground plane.
 If you are thinking of a beam antenna, then you have a few choices. First you could use aluminum tubing from DX Engineering. Just remember the cost of the parts involved. Now another idea is the popular moxon antenna. Buy some crappie 16 foot fishing poles and some other parts from lowes. The fun part is that you get to design it. There are plenty of antenna calculators on the internet to help with designing it. If you are thinking of a nice antenna design go with a quad type antenna. This type always reminds me of my old PDL II Antenna.

                        Hanging an Amateur Radio Antenna by Dave Watson

  Even though the above video was with a Ham Radio Antenna it still could be applied to the 11 Meter Band for CB Radio . You just have to have the antenna cut for the 11 meter band. I am sure you could get some good readings with it properly tuned. You may need to use a good antenna tuner. So whatever Antenna you decide to build get it going now.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Collecting Those Old CB Radio Bases

 Are you one of those CB Radio enthusiasts that like to collect old CB Radio Bases. In Today's world you just don't see many new CB Radio Bases. Okay so what is your next option ? Well your next step would be going through Ebay to find a good old CB Radio Base to add to your collection. Believe me there are plenty of them out there for sale. The other option is to go to garage sales. That is where I picked up a nice Cobra 142gtl base. I would also go to your local Ham Radio Fest when it's in town. I am a Ham Radio Operator and I remember one year when they had a huge bag full of mobile cb radios. Maybe another option is going to local flea markets. I guess the point is to just look everywhere and keep your eyes open for any deal.
If you are thinking of looking at Ebay just click on this link CB RADIO BASES AT EBAY !!!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

CB Radios Are Easy to Buy and Install

 Yes CB Radios are generally easy to buy and usually are easy to install. If you are thinking of a base station you will need the CB Radio, Antenna, Coax Cable (100ft Good Amount), SWR Meter, Soldering Iron, Solder and some pl259 Connectors. The soldering, solder and connectors are in case you have to shorten the length of coax cable. There are probably some more items such as a mast to mount the antenna on and maybe a tripod or wall mounts unless you go with a tower. Learning to tune the antenna using the swr meter can be a little tricky depending on what antenna you buy.
 If you are going with a mobile CB Radio then you have a variety of CB Radios to choose from. My best advise is to check out Amazon.com, read the reviews and choose what you like. As far as the antenna goes that depends on what kind of vehicle you have. I remember my old 1970 Checy Nova and mounting the antenna on the trunk lip. There were other vehicles where I used a magnet type mount. There are even other types of mounts that require drilling holes in your vehicle for example a ball mount. You just have to look at your vehicle and decide which you prefer.
 The only other choice is what base station to go with. In the world of CB Radios Base Stations are not that plentiful. The only one I have seen lately in the new category is the Galaxy Base Station. So the only other choice is to go with a used CB Base Radio through Ebay. There are some good deals, but just check the sellers reviews before buying. Another idea is to purchase a power supply and use the mobile radio as a base station. There are some awesome mobile radios these days.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Favorite Picks For Mobile CB Radios

 The more I browse over the new cb radios on Amazon.com the more I like the Galaxy Mobile CB Radios. Yes I do like some that are in the 10 meter band for Ham Radio. Since I have my General License I may invest in one in the future. I think besides the fact that the reviews are generally good I like the large swr power meter on the front. I also like the frequency counter as well. They also have an abundance of switches, knobs and features as well. In general they just look very nice and they have that big look like the cobra cb radios from back in the 70s.
 Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with the Uniden, Connex, Midland, Cobra and the Stryker mobile radios. Maybe it's because I saw the galaxy cb radios in the H&Y Electronic Catalog and they caught my eye. I will say with the connex and stryker mobile cb radios they can be quite colorful. I have seen some where you can change the front face plate to suite your needs. If you would like to just browse over some cb radios or if you may be thinking of buying a new mobile cd radio click on the link below.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CB Radio And EBAY

 One of the things I like to do is go on EBAY and check out all the CB RADIOS FOR SALE. They can be in the new category or the used category. Sometime I see the CB Radios I remember from back in the late 70s and early 80s. If I add any more radio equipment I am going to need a bigger Ham Radio, CB Radio Shack. Right now I have enough room on my bench for my Texas Ranger Base, Cobra 135 Base and Cobra 142 GTL Base Radio. I also have my Ham Radio Equipment on it as well.
 I certainly would like to find another house with a good amount of room and a few acre's of land. That way I will have plenty of room for all my antennas and future antennas. If at some time I do have a good sized yard I want to buy a antenna tower and put some kind of beam antenna on it. Well for now I will live with my IMAX 5000 and maybe a dipole antenna for the 11 meter band. I have even thought of using my crappie fishing poles and making a loop antenna just to see how well it performs.
 As far as Ebay goes just make sure you check out the seller for good and bad reviews. I have heard too many bad stories about people that bought used items and they were just junk. There are however alot of good deals on Ebay. If you are looking for CB RADIOS click this link CB RADIOS. If you are looking for CB Radio Equipment click this link CB RADIOS AND EQUIPMENT. If you are looking for Ham Radio Equipment click this link HAM RADIOS AND EQUIPMENT.   

Sunday, August 2, 2015

CB Radio Base Antenna

  If you are going to install a base station in your house, CB Shack or Ham Shack you will need a good CB RADIO BASE ANTENNA . Yes you could build a cb antenna yourself and get some good results. If you build one I would suggest a dipole antenna, moxon antenna, quad antenna or maybe a yagi antenna. Most of the supplies to build one of these antennas can be bought locally. If you go with a yagi and need aluminum tubing I would check out dx engineering at http://www.dxengineering.com/ . There also plenty of antenna calculators on the internet to design an antenna for a given frequency. Here is a good place to get a moxon antenna calculator from with some excellent information http://www.moxonantennaproject.com/design.htm .
 If you are not going to build an antenna and would prefer a good antenna for the cb radio frequency I would look into a couple different antennas. I would check out the Antron 99, Imax 2000, Star Duster or the Super Perpetrator by Hy-Gain. I did run an antenna years ago like the super perpetrator that was a full 5/8 wave design and it did an excellent job. I also ran a star duster antenna and it did very well until it hit the roof. I presently run an Imax 2000 and it does a good job. It has made it through some pretty good winds and winters. Most of these antennas will work on other bands in the ham radio bands, but remember you will need a license to transmit.
 The antennas I have spoken of above were vertical antennas except for the yagi. There are plenty of beam antennas that do an excellent job. Sirio makes some good beam antennas as well as Maco and JoGunn. Just make sure you have a good antenna rotor and I would suggest a good rohn tower to mount it on. There are other tower manufacturers around that do a good job. You may find some good deals on ebay for a USED CB ANTENNA AS WELL AS NEW , but check out the seller first.
 My last bit of advise and the most important is check out your location for power lines and stay safe. Safety is always number one.
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Cobra CB Radio

  If you like CB Radios look for a good cobra cb radio. They were always my favorite and still are. If you are looking for a good cobra cb radio check out this link. I myself am planning on putting a cobra 148 GTL SSB Radio in my GMC Sierra 1500 Truck. I will most likely use one of my fiberglass K40 Antennas. I think I still have my steel whip K40 Antenna in the garage. I always liked them because of the quick disconnect they have. They always seemed to make a good combination and did the trick. There are plenty of other brands of CB Radios that do an excellent job. The same goes for the CB Antennas. You can always check out the reviews before buying. Here are some excellent links you can click on.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weather Forcast

  Well it's summer time again and with that we have to watch out for those wonderful thunder and lightning storms. I know here in New York we have had a lot of them go through as of late. All it takes is a good hit on your antenna and your cb radio could become a thing of the past. Not to mention the possible fire in your home that could be started. It always better to be safe than sorry, so remember to protect yourself.
  So you may be asking how do I stay ahead of the game. Well I have a few good methods to keep a watchful eye on what is coming my way. Here is a short list of a few excellent ideas.
  1. Watch Your Local News And Weather On Television.
  2. Listen to the NOAA Weather Alerts. http://radar.weather.gov/
  3. Put Up A Good Weather Station.
  4. Check Out Some Of The Weather Radar Websites For Current Weather Radar. http://www.weather.com/maps/current  http://www.intellicast.com/National/Radar/Current.aspx  http://www.wunderground.com/maps/
  5. Just Go Outside and Look At The Sky.
  6. My Texas Ranger CB Base Radio Has The Automatic Weather Alert.
Below are a few examples of some excellent Weather Stations.

If you are looking for more weather stations just click on this link WEATHER STATIONS


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Saturday, May 23, 2015

CB Radio Beam Antennas

 Get Your CB Radio Beam Antenna So You Can Reach Those Distant Places.

Sirio Sy27-4 4 Elements Yagi Beam Cb Antenna

  I remember using my PDL II Beam Antenna and I was always impressed with what I could do with it. Then I remember a friend running a Moonraker 4 Beam Antenna on a 50 foot rohn tower. That Antenna performed really well. I have seen other 8 element beam antennas that just look awesome. My problem was always the space problem. I had to work with what I had and I always did a good job. I have read the reviews on these antennas and they seem to perform very well. So below you will find the specifications on the above antenna.
  • Base station antennas Directional, High-gain Horizontal polarization Factory tuned at mid-band High power handling capability Elements equipped whit waterproof jointing sleeve Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832
  • Type: SY 27-4: 4 element Yagi antenna Frequency range: SY 27-4: 26.9-27.5 MHz @ SWR <=2, Impedance: 50 Ohms Radiation (H-plane): directional Polarization: linear horizontal Gain: SY 27-4: 11 dBd, 13.15 dBi Bandwidth @ SWR <= 2: SY 27-4: >= 600 KHz SWR @ res. freq.: <= 1.2 Max. power: 1000 Watts (CW) continuous 3000 Watts (CW) short time Feed system / position: Gamma match / center Connector: UHF-female
  • Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Nylon Wind load: SY 27-4: 80 N at 150 Km/h Wind resistance: 120 Km/h Wind surface: 0.07 m² Dimensions (approx.): SY 27-4: 5725x4030x100 mm Boom length / diameter: SY 27-4: 4030 mm / 33 mm Max. element length (approx.): SY 27-3: 5740 mm SY 27-4: 5725 mm Turning radius (approx.): SY 27-4: 3600 mm Weight (approx.): SY 27-4: 6100 gr Mounting mast: Ø 35-50 mm

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Turn That Mobile CB Radio Into A CB Radio Base Station

  I was thinking about the different ways to convert that Mobile CB Radio into a CB Radio Base Station. I remember years ago having a metal holder that my mobile cb radio mounted to and you would slide out the radio and then could slide it onto another holder. This way I could use the CB Radio in my car or bring it in the house and use it as a cb radio base station. I think I still have those old mounting holders around.
  So I was thinking of how I could change a Mobile CB Radio into a CB Radio Base Station today. Well I was looking through my Ham Radio Catalogs and I came across a power supply unit made by samlex. They apparently make them for different manufacturers.So I would measure up your CB Radio and compare it to the specifications of the samlex unit. I have a feeling some of the larger mobile cb radios like the Cobras, Galaxy and some other models may fit better then a smaller size cb radio. Who knows with a little ingenuity you may readjust and get your radio to fit.
  I know MFJ has a unit they sell to make your mobile ham radio easily transported for a field day situation. The Base Station Radio Cabinet may or may not come with a power supply. The ones I came across at Amazon seem to. The units I found at Ham Radio Outlet do not come with the power supply. Either way it would make a nice way to use you mobile cb radio or ham radio as a base station.
  Thank You for reading. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

CB Antenna Summer Project

  Yes it's almost summer and it's the time for building your cb summer antenna project. It does not matter whether you are thinking of a vertical cb antenna or a beam antenna. If you have the room go for the beam antenna. If you have a large budget and the room go for a large beam antenna. On the other hand if you are just starting out maybe you would be better to just build a two element beam antenna. That way you could use a simple tv antenna rotor to keep the costs down. The size also makes a difference on how far you want to transmit and receive. Just remember there are limits as to how far you can transmit and receive in the 11 meter cb radio band. I would not let that stop me from building a larger beam antenna.

Friday, March 6, 2015

What Does CB Mean To You

CB Radio Base Station
  So what does CB mean to you ? Well to me CB means a lot of good memories from my past. There were many times when I hopped in my car and cruised from Irondequoit NY out to Webster NY listening and talking to my friends on the cb radio. Sometimes I would drive over to Charlotte Beach on a warm Friday Night and meet my friends in the parking lot or just sit in the quiet and listen and laugh with the different conversations going on. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quad CB Antenna Project

  I am thinking about a Quad type antenna for the 11 meter band. This is more of a project in the making. I have been on the internet looking at various websites for building quad antennas. I am mainly think of this due to not having a lot of room for a larger 11 meter beam antenna. I used to have a PDL II beam antenna years ago and it did a very good job. I did come across a website for building a 11 meter/10 meter quad antenna using pvc pipe and fiberglass fence posts all of which are easily attainable locally. Here is a link to the website I found with awesome information http://www.hamuniverse.com/n1uue2el1011quad.html . I would look at the design and then try and change some things to use other parts. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Galaxy CB Radio, Cobra CB Radio or Uniden CB Radio

  Galaxy CB Radio, Cobra CB Radio or Uniden CB Radio

  Galaxy CB Radio, Cobra CB Radio or Uniden CB Radio. I am trying to decide on which CB Radio I will buy and install in my new 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 truck. I have seen the Cobra CB Radios for as long as I can remember. In fact I still have my Cobra 135 23 channel base that has been expanded to 40 channels. I also have a Cobra 142 GTL base that I picked up at a garage sale. I have always favored the Cobra 148 GTL mobile CB Radio. I definitely want to make whatever I choose be a CB Radio with the SSB (single sideband) capability.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where To Install That Mobile CB Antenna On My 2009 Sierra GMC Truck

CB antenna
  I just bought a 2009 GMC Sierra SLE Pickup Truck. I am now deciding where to place the cb antenna on the truck. I know on my old Chevy S10 Pickup Truck I had a long time ago I had a K40 Fiberglass CB Antenna on the light bar over the cab. It always seemed to do a pretty nice job. Now on this pickup truck I may buy a K40 or Wilson magnet mount cb antenna. I do have a couple of other ideas as well. I do have a 6 foot fiberglass whip cb antenna that I really never used. I have been thinking about mounting it on the rear bumper of the pickup truck. I know that this will more signal toward the front of the vehicle. My other choice was the magnet mount up on top of the cab. This one will sort a cause an even signal of more like an omni directional pattern. The nice feature of the rear bumper mount is that I may hear more of whats ahead of me.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Homebrew Scanner Antenna Project For The Shack

Similar Style Scanner Antenna
SO239 Chassis Connector

   I am working on a simple home-brew scanner antenna project for my bearcat scanner in my Ham CB Shack or as I call it my Man Cave. It is a very simple design for anyone to try. It is basically a vertical copper wire soldered in a SO239 chassis connector. The wire is just about the same size as the solder part of the connector. You can easily pick these up at your local radio shack or buy them from one of the dealers on the internet. I would also recommend going through Amazon.com or through Ebay.com for some good deals. The vertical wire is just typical copper house wire. The heavy gauge is enough so it will stay straight.

CB Radio Beam Antennas

CB Video Bar