Thursday, January 1, 2015

Homebrew Scanner Antenna Project For The Shack

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SO239 Chassis Connector

   I am working on a simple home-brew scanner antenna project for my bearcat scanner in my Ham CB Shack or as I call it my Man Cave. It is a very simple design for anyone to try. It is basically a vertical copper wire soldered in a SO239 chassis connector. The wire is just about the same size as the solder part of the connector. You can easily pick these up at your local radio shack or buy them from one of the dealers on the internet. I would also recommend going through or through for some good deals. The vertical wire is just typical copper house wire. The heavy gauge is enough so it will stay straight.

I found one of the antenna calculators online to get the proper length for the frequencies it will receive. Generally the length of wire is about 21 inches long. Here are a few links to some good websites for antenna calculating and . There are plenty of other good websites on the internet with a lot of good information for building all kinds of antennas. What I am also doing is adding a spiral of copper wire to the vertical radiator. It will not add to the length of the antenna. I just want to see how it affects the receiving of the various signals.
RG58/U Coaxial Cable
  What I an also doing is to install this vertical radiator inside a PVC tube that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter and about 2 feet long. The SO239 chassis connector will be connected to a pvc end cap to fit the 1 1/2 pvc pipe with 4 small bolts. I will also have another pvc end cap on the opposite end of the pvc pipe with an eye bolt. This will allow me to tie it to any place such as a tree or up on my mast where my dipole antenna is connected. You can buy some of the uv protected dacron guy rope to keep it up in the air. The higher the height off the ground the better to receive signals. You could try adding some ground radials or extra length to the vertical radiator if you are thinking of trying to receive or transmit on the 27mhz CB Radio Band. If you are thinking of using it on the 2 meter Ham Band Make sure to have the proper Ham Radio License.
  I will most likely use some pvc glue to seal the pvc cap to the pipe and some silicone sealant around the u bolt connections to try and keep water out of it from rain. I may use the rubber silicone sealant at the bottom with some small galvanized sheet metal screws. This way if I have to take it apart for any reason it will be somewhat easy. I would recommend spray painting the white pvc pipe when done to protect the pvc pipe from the uv destruction from the weather outside. If you use this antenna inside I would try and put it in an attic at the highest point. You go not need to use a heavy duty coaxial cable for this antenna. RG58 A/U coax cable should work just fine for this antenna. As I get further into this project I will try to get some pictures up and let everyone know if it works.
 Thank You for Reading and Happy New Years from Dan KC2YTI .

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