Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where To Install That Mobile CB Antenna On My 2009 Sierra GMC Truck

CB antenna
  I just bought a 2009 GMC Sierra SLE Pickup Truck. I am now deciding where to place the cb antenna on the truck. I know on my old Chevy S10 Pickup Truck I had a long time ago I had a K40 Fiberglass CB Antenna on the light bar over the cab. It always seemed to do a pretty nice job. Now on this pickup truck I may buy a K40 or Wilson magnet mount cb antenna. I do have a couple of other ideas as well. I do have a 6 foot fiberglass whip cb antenna that I really never used. I have been thinking about mounting it on the rear bumper of the pickup truck. I know that this will more signal toward the front of the vehicle. My other choice was the magnet mount up on top of the cab. This one will sort a cause an even signal of more like an omni directional pattern. The nice feature of the rear bumper mount is that I may hear more of whats ahead of me.

There are a couple of other types of mounts I can go with. One of them is from behind the cab in the front right or left corner of the bed. I always wondered if this caused any interference of the signal and the swr reading. I really don't want the cb radio to put out like a walkie talkie. The other place I can mount an antenna is up on the top lip of the extended cab right or left doors. I would not want too tall of an antenna, because it would flip around when the door id closed. I know at this point I do not want to go drilling holes in things and then cause rust problems. I do still like the magnet mount with the K40 antenna where a simple twist and I can easily remove the antenna. This leaves just the small mount and you can put a plastic cap on it. I always had good luck with this type of cb antenna.
  I guess I will have to think about all my different choices and then make my decision. Maybe if I had the truck for five years I would not care too much about holes. Part of my decision will come down to using the antennas I have on hand.  Also which one makes the least amount of mess. Oh well I guess I have some time until we get some nice weather here in new york.
  Thank You for reading. All Comments Are Welcome.

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