Friday, March 6, 2015

What Does CB Mean To You

CB Radio Base Station
  So what does CB mean to you ? Well to me CB means a lot of good memories from my past. There were many times when I hopped in my car and cruised from Irondequoit NY out to Webster NY listening and talking to my friends on the cb radio. Sometimes I would drive over to Charlotte Beach on a warm Friday Night and meet my friends in the parking lot or just sit in the quiet and listen and laugh with the different conversations going on. 

  I had some friends in my neighborhood that have become silent keys. I can remember coming home from work on a cold winter night and talking with my friends using my pdl II beam antenna, star duster vertical antenna and my cobra 135 converted radio. We had some awesome conversations late into the night. I remember swinging the beam around towards the city and talking to friends up that way. It did not matter which direction I was talking in, because there were cb radio friends in all directions.
  There were many occasions when someone needed some kind of help. It may have been giving someone directions to somewhere. It may have been something as simple as giving a radio check to some truck driver while he was parked for the night. I remember talking to a friend up on sideband and some one called me and I was amazed where they were talking to me from. I can remember listening to people out there having fun with their bunny hunts late at night or maybe someone telling something about what they did or where they went. It was always busy on certain channels and channel 19 was always hopping with truck drivers and people asking for smokey reports up ahead.
  There were times when it would hit a late time in the early hours of the morning and it would get very quiet. That's when you could hear those two people way out in the distance having a conversation. I can remember going to Florida on a vacation with my family and having my little cobra radio in the car. It was an excellent way of getting information from people in an area. Everyone was always giving a helping hand. Yes there were times when someone was not happy with someone else. Maybe someone was cross channeling someone and they were getting angry. Nothing is perfect in this world. When that happened to me what would I do. Well I would just go to the Chanel they were on and join in on the conversation. There was no sense in being a jerk and ruining a good time.
  So what did and does CB mean to me ? It means friends and good times.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI  73s.

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