Friday, May 1, 2015

Turn That Mobile CB Radio Into A CB Radio Base Station

  I was thinking about the different ways to convert that Mobile CB Radio into a CB Radio Base Station. I remember years ago having a metal holder that my mobile cb radio mounted to and you would slide out the radio and then could slide it onto another holder. This way I could use the CB Radio in my car or bring it in the house and use it as a cb radio base station. I think I still have those old mounting holders around.
  So I was thinking of how I could change a Mobile CB Radio into a CB Radio Base Station today. Well I was looking through my Ham Radio Catalogs and I came across a power supply unit made by samlex. They apparently make them for different manufacturers.So I would measure up your CB Radio and compare it to the specifications of the samlex unit. I have a feeling some of the larger mobile cb radios like the Cobras, Galaxy and some other models may fit better then a smaller size cb radio. Who knows with a little ingenuity you may readjust and get your radio to fit.
  I know MFJ has a unit they sell to make your mobile ham radio easily transported for a field day situation. The Base Station Radio Cabinet may or may not come with a power supply. The ones I came across at Amazon seem to. The units I found at Ham Radio Outlet do not come with the power supply. Either way it would make a nice way to use you mobile cb radio or ham radio as a base station.
  Thank You for reading. 

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