Sunday, August 2, 2015

CB Radio Base Antenna

  If you are going to install a base station in your house, CB Shack or Ham Shack you will need a good CB RADIO BASE ANTENNA . Yes you could build a cb antenna yourself and get some good results. If you build one I would suggest a dipole antenna, moxon antenna, quad antenna or maybe a yagi antenna. Most of the supplies to build one of these antennas can be bought locally. If you go with a yagi and need aluminum tubing I would check out dx engineering at . There also plenty of antenna calculators on the internet to design an antenna for a given frequency. Here is a good place to get a moxon antenna calculator from with some excellent information .
 If you are not going to build an antenna and would prefer a good antenna for the cb radio frequency I would look into a couple different antennas. I would check out the Antron 99, Imax 2000, Star Duster or the Super Perpetrator by Hy-Gain. I did run an antenna years ago like the super perpetrator that was a full 5/8 wave design and it did an excellent job. I also ran a star duster antenna and it did very well until it hit the roof. I presently run an Imax 2000 and it does a good job. It has made it through some pretty good winds and winters. Most of these antennas will work on other bands in the ham radio bands, but remember you will need a license to transmit.
 The antennas I have spoken of above were vertical antennas except for the yagi. There are plenty of beam antennas that do an excellent job. Sirio makes some good beam antennas as well as Maco and JoGunn. Just make sure you have a good antenna rotor and I would suggest a good rohn tower to mount it on. There are other tower manufacturers around that do a good job. You may find some good deals on ebay for a USED CB ANTENNA AS WELL AS NEW , but check out the seller first.
 My last bit of advise and the most important is check out your location for power lines and stay safe. Safety is always number one.
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CB Radio Beam Antennas

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