Sunday, September 20, 2015

CB Radios Are Easy to Buy and Install

 Yes CB Radios are generally easy to buy and usually are easy to install. If you are thinking of a base station you will need the CB Radio, Antenna, Coax Cable (100ft Good Amount), SWR Meter, Soldering Iron, Solder and some pl259 Connectors. The soldering, solder and connectors are in case you have to shorten the length of coax cable. There are probably some more items such as a mast to mount the antenna on and maybe a tripod or wall mounts unless you go with a tower. Learning to tune the antenna using the swr meter can be a little tricky depending on what antenna you buy.
 If you are going with a mobile CB Radio then you have a variety of CB Radios to choose from. My best advise is to check out, read the reviews and choose what you like. As far as the antenna goes that depends on what kind of vehicle you have. I remember my old 1970 Checy Nova and mounting the antenna on the trunk lip. There were other vehicles where I used a magnet type mount. There are even other types of mounts that require drilling holes in your vehicle for example a ball mount. You just have to look at your vehicle and decide which you prefer.
 The only other choice is what base station to go with. In the world of CB Radios Base Stations are not that plentiful. The only one I have seen lately in the new category is the Galaxy Base Station. So the only other choice is to go with a used CB Base Radio through Ebay. There are some good deals, but just check the sellers reviews before buying. Another idea is to purchase a power supply and use the mobile radio as a base station. There are some awesome mobile radios these days.

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