Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Time To Build A Nice Base Antenna

 Well the weather is getting cooler now since we are in Fall. Now is the time to get outside on those nice Fall Days and build a antenna for your CB Shack. It can be a Vertical Antenna or a Nice Beam Antenna. As far as a Vertical Antenna goes it can be made from Aluminum or maybe a Vertical Wire Antenna. Vertical Wire Antennas can be supported from a tall tree . The other choice would be to use some PVC Pipe and run the wire up through it. Remember you will need some guy ropes to support it. I myself prefer the Grey Electrical Conduit Pipe because it is UV Protected. I would also laying down some ground wires for the ground plane.
 If you are thinking of a beam antenna, then you have a few choices. First you could use aluminum tubing from DX Engineering. Just remember the cost of the parts involved. Now another idea is the popular moxon antenna. Buy some crappie 16 foot fishing poles and some other parts from lowes. The fun part is that you get to design it. There are plenty of antenna calculators on the internet to help with designing it. If you are thinking of a nice antenna design go with a quad type antenna. This type always reminds me of my old PDL II Antenna.

                        Hanging an Amateur Radio Antenna by Dave Watson

  Even though the above video was with a Ham Radio Antenna it still could be applied to the 11 Meter Band for CB Radio . You just have to have the antenna cut for the 11 meter band. I am sure you could get some good readings with it properly tuned. You may need to use a good antenna tuner. So whatever Antenna you decide to build get it going now.

CB Radio Beam Antennas

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