Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Get That CB Radio Beam Antenna and Base For Christmas

 Have you decided what you want for Christmas. Well Christmas is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to get that CB Radio Base and that CB Radio Beam Antenna. Yes if you are looking for a good base radio new or used I would suggest going through Ebay. The same goes for a Beam Antenna. There are lots of good deals, just check out the seller before buying. As far as a beam antenna goes make sure you have the room. The PDL II Antennas are not huge, but do a nice job. I used to run one years ago and it did an excellent job. As far as a base radio goes the Cobra Bases and the President Bases were always nice.

Just Check out the ads below for CB Radios at Amazon and Below that for Ebay.

CB Radio Beam Antennas

CB Video Bar