Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oh How They Bad Mouth Us CB Radio Operators

 As far back as I can remember someone one always saying something about us CB Radio Operators. Yes I have my Technician and General Ham Radio License, But I don't go abusing it. I think part of the bad reputation came from the smokey and the bandit movie. Okay I am just kidding about that in fact I loved that movie. I do though have to say that I hear other Ham Radio Operators saying not so nice things about CB Radio Operators.
 I was scanning the ham bands the other day and I hit a frequency up on the 40 meter band and they were just going at it. I for a minute I was listening to the days when some cb radio operators were battling it out. They were saying how some of these cb radio operators were going on the ham bands just to cause trouble. I have to say that not all cb radio operators are a bad bunch. Yes there were one out there that were running lots of power into a 40 foot beam antenna just to see who was the biggest kid on the block.
 I myself did not fall into that group. No I had my pdl II beam antenna and my super bigstick antenna. I talked to quite a few different people way back then. I preferred to do some talking and then sit back and listen. The best moments were when it was quiet at night and I could hear someone way in the distance. If would wait my turn and see if I could contact them. Just knowing they heard me and I heard them was awesome. The cb radio was all about making friends and that was the best.
 Okay so what about the abusers on the cb radio. Well they eventually went away, to where I don't know. Maybe because they wanted to run lots of power and talk great distances they became Ham Radio Operators. As far as I am concerned if we are respecting each other there isn't any problem. Listening to the group I heard on 40 meters some of them were getting just as bad as the cb radio operators they were griping about.
 I will tell you what I don't like is a Ham Radio Operator that thinks they are better that other people, because they have a Ham Radio License. I think they have forgotten what the Ham Radio Hobby is all about. Instead of thinking your the best get off your High Horse and figure out why the other person has a problem. Then get out there and make CB Radio and Ham Radio a Great Place To Be.

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