Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wood Projects For Your CB Radio Shack

   If you have a designated room in your house for your CB Radios, Ham Radios or maybe Computers you may need some kind of bench to keep them on. That is what I did for my radio equipment. I basically took an old bookcase and two by fours and then made a workbench for my radios. I looked at pictures online to get an idea on how to build it and design it. I used the bookshelf brackets and made adjustable shelves. I placed a sheet of Masonite on the top to give it a strong worktop. Then I put a thin sheet of plexiglass on top so I could put maps or whatever I wanted. I have also built it so I can break it in half in case I have to move it someday.
 If you are thinking of making a bench, storage cabinet or something out of wood I would check out the video below. Just click on the picture.

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CB Radio Beam Antennas

CB Video Bar