Sunday, July 10, 2016

Small Size Beam Antennas


 Yes there are some beam antennas for the cb radio that perform really well. One that comes to mind is the pdl II quad beam antenna. I had one up on a 40 foot tower back in the late 70s and early 80s when I lived at home. That antenna performed very well indeed. I talked all over the local area back then and did make alot of long distance contacts up on single sideband. If you come across one today it's well worth it.
 Now there are plenty of other beam antennas to choose from that don't take up too much room. I would recommend to check out EBAY for some awesome deals on CB Radio Beam Antennas.  The three element and four element beams were not too big and worked very well. The beam antennas started to get too big for my area when I looked at the Moonraker series of cb antennas. That does not mean that I did not like them. I had a friend with one up on a 50 foot tower and that thing was awesome.
 Today when I search through the ham radio catalogs I see three main brands for beam antennas in the 11 meter or cb band. They tend to be Maco, Sirio and JoGunn, I am sure there are others out there. You may find some through ebay and they may be from another country.

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