Saturday, August 27, 2016

Computer In Your CB Shack

 Most likely you have a desktop or laptop computer in your CB Shack. If your like me we all suffer from defective failing hardware to one of the many viruses out there. Yes most of us end up taking the computer into a repair shop and it ends up costing us hundreds of dollars. Well there are a few things you can do to repair the computer yourself.
 One item that comes in handy is the 1 Click Fix It Utility. I have read that this tends to work very well. It contains utilities to clean infections from your computer, recover data and other helpful programs. There are also free utilities out there on the internet such as Hirens and Win 8pe. These are iso files that can be burned to a dvd disc or a usb flash drive. You can test hardware, run scans for infections as well as many other features. They are well worth it for being free and I use them on a daily basis as I am a computer technician.

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 Below is some more helpful information on the 1 click fix it tool, check it out.

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