Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stop That Over Modulation It Sounds Terrible

 Have you ever heard someone calling break 19 and they sound terrible. I remember hearing some cb radio operators back in the day just blasting their modulation. In fact you could hear them cross channeling 5 channels up and 5 channels down. Generally they were running lots of power and using a power microphone such as the famous D104 or the Turner desk microphone. It was just a bunch of craziness back then.
 Okay so what did you do if this was happening to you. Well some people would get out there and just try to talk over them. It would become the most ridiculous thing you would ever hear. Then you had the person out there saying I am going to hunt you down. Well I have heard of a few occasions where a young kid kept up that kind of nonsense and he would swear at people. Well one day a truck driver found out where he lived and decided to get his revenge. He tied a rope from his truck to the antenna and drove off hoping to pull the antenna off the roof.
 Well to his surprise he got more than just the antenna. He actually pulled the antenna down and pulled the cb base radio right out and through the window and down to the driveway. I wonder how that kid explained that one to his parents. Then there was a truck driver who found out his wife was cheating on him. He found where they were and beat the guy in the head with a hammer. He did not kill him, but he sure did not make his day. There were always plenty of crazy stories going around.
 Okay so why was the cb radio operators modulation sounding so terrible. Well basically it came down to too much power resulting in a very high swr reading. Plus the added feature of a power microphone running well over 100percent modulation. Usually these people would only last awhile, because they eventually burned out the finals in their nice cb radio and then had to have it repaired. Oh yes one of my favorite things to do was swing my beam around so the backside of the beam was facing them. They would transmit and back pin their meter. Then I sat back and heard how something was wrong with their radio. I just sat back and laughed and laughed.

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