Friday, May 12, 2017

Study For The Ham Radio Tests....Don't Just Memorize The Answers

 If your thinking of becoming a Ham Radio Operator take the time to learn what Ham Radio is about. That way you can pass your knowledge of Ham Radio on to others and share the fun. Do you really want to be the person that the young child shows up when they can have the answer and not you. Besides you will there are many more paths you can take in Ham Radio such as emergency situations. Someones life may depend on you. Start studying today and remember you have to take the tests for each license in a certain order.
  1. Technician
  2. General
  3. Extra

Saturday, April 15, 2017

CB Radio
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 Yes the 11 meter band also known as the cb radio band is still free. There is no need to have a license to transmit on this band. I had my license way back in the late 70s and then the FCC did away with needing it. There are some limitations on using the CB Radio Band and we all should follow the rules. The problem is that there are quite a few that do not follow the rules of operation. Limitations include the amount of transmit power and distance one can transmit as well as others.
 If you are looking for information on cb radio check out this link CB Radio and the FCC.
                 Here is some helpful information below:

"There are no age, citizenship, or license requirements to operate a CB radio in the United States, and the service falls under the "License by Rule" part of the FCC rules (basically, if one follows the rules one is considered licensed). Operators may use any of the authorized 40 CB channels; however, channel 9 is used only for emergency communications or for traveler assistance and the higher number channels are almost exclusively SSB modulation. Use of all channels is on a shared basis. However, foreign governments and their representatives are not eligible to use citizens' band radio within the United States.
Operation is permitted anywhere within the United States and its territories or possessions; as well as anywhere in the world except within the territorial limits of areas where radio services are regulated by a foreign government, or another U.S. agency such as the Department of Defense.
Transmitters must be FCC certified and may not be modified, including modifications to increase output power or to transmit on unauthorized frequencies. Output power is limited to 4 watts for AM transmitters and 12 watts peak envelope power for single sideband (SSB) transmitters. The antenna may not be more than 20 feet (6.1 m) above the highest point of the structure it is mounted to, or the highest point of the antenna must not be more than 60 feet (18.3 m) above the ground (47 CFR 95.408(c)) if installed in a fixed location.[1]
AM and SSB modulation is used in the USA, some other countries have similar services in their countries that use FM."

CB ChannelFrequencyTypical Use (US)
Channel 126.965 MHz
Channel 226.975 MHz
Channel 326.985 MHz
Channel 427.005 MHzOften used for 4x4's/ Off-roading
Channel 527.015 MHz
Channel 627.025 MHzConsidered the Super Bowl channel
Channel 727.035 MHz
Channel 827.055 MHz
Channel 927.065 MHzEmergency communications or traveler assistance
Channel 1027.075 MHzOften used by truckers for regional roads
Channel 1127.085 MHz
Channel 1227.105 MHz
Channel 1327.115 MHzConsidered the Marine/RV channel
Channel 1427.125 MHzCommonly included transmit/receive crystal in many vintage walkie-talkies
Channel 1527.135 MHz
Channel 1627.155 MHz
Channel 1727.165 MHz[citation needed]Used by truckers on North/Southbound Highways on the west coast (primarily I-5)
Channel 1827.175 MHz
Channel 1927.185 MHzHighway trucker channel[citation needed]
Notable as being the center frequency of the band.
Channel 2027.205 MHz
Channel 2127.215 MHz
Channel 2227.225 MHz
Channel 2327.255 MHz
Channel 2427.235 MHz
Channel 2527.245 MHz
Channel 2627.265 MHz
Channel 2727.275 MHz
Channel 2827.285 MHz
Channel 2927.295 MHz
Channel 3027.305 MHzDepending on local needs, channels numbered above 30 or 35 are generally used with SSB operation.[citation needed]
Channel 3127.315 MHz
Channel 3227.325 MHz
Channel 3327.335 MHz
Channel 3427.345 MHz
Channel 3527.355 MHz
Channel 3627.365 MHz
Channel 3727.375 MHz
Channel 3827.385 MHzSSB calling channel, LSB mode[citation needed]
Channel 3927.395 MHz
Channel 4027.405 MHz
  Many people find it difficult at to what brand cb radio they should use. Well you will find that there are not many cb radio bases made these days. So if you want a good base station I would check out the used cb radios at ebay. If you are looking for something new Amazon is a good choice for new cb radios. You can always set up a mobile cb radio as a base station and use a good cb base station antenna.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mobile CB Radio
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 Well I am thinking about installing a new mobile cb radio in my gmc sierra pick up truck. The problem is which cb radio should I choose. There are basically two choices first to make. These would be do I want just a AM 40 channel radio or do I want to include single sideband (ssb). I do have a nice texas ranger ssb base at home. I don't think anyone besides me will be talking on it. In the future I would like to add a Ham Radio in the truck since I have my General Ham Radio License. Oh what a dilemma I have on my hands.
 The next part of the equation is how much money is in the budget. This will definitely determine which cb radios I choose from. I have always had a preference for the cobra 148gtl ssb radio, but I have taken a fancy to some of the uniden cb radios. I also like the galaxy cb radios, but they seem to be a little too expensive. I have seen some 40 channel radios that are very small in size, but do have some excellent reviews on amazon. There just are so many excellent cb radios to choose from.
 The other choices I have to make are how am I going to mount my cb radio antenna. I could go with a magnet mount on top of the pick up truck. Then again I have seen some mounts for the bed rail that are doing very well in the ratings. I have always had a fear that the magnet mount will mess up the paint. I think it may be the bed rail mount for me.
 Okay and finally what cb radio antenna should I choose. Maybe a nice K40 CB Antenna. I won't have to buy one as I do have some at my house. I have my fiberglass 102 inch whip, trucker cb antenna and some k40 fiberglass antennas that have always done a nice job and were easy to adjust the swr. I think I may just go with a bigger k40 cb antenna and see how it goes. If I change my mind I can easily unscrew it from the mount. If I have the money in the future and change my mind about a magnet mount I may go for a k40 or wilson cb antenna. They have always been good in the past and do an excellent job. I also like the fact that I can remove the antenna with a twist and put it inside the truck for safe keeping.

CB Radio Beam Antennas

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